Hello there! I am Abdus S Azad. I am a Software Engineer, and write code mostly for the web. Feel free to shoot me a mail at abdus@abdus.net.

Currently working at Level

Opportunity Calendar

A web app to list opportunities available at different organisations and companies


Minimal Hugo theme suitable for blogs and websites. Have good support for SEO.

Next.js Starter Template

Start a Next.js project quickly. It has support for TypeScript and ESLint with sensible default.

Focus Time

Android app built using React Native to keep yourself focused on a specific task.


A service for sharing code snippets. Built on top of Netlify's Cloud Functions and FaunaDB


Another Native Application for people to browse through Movies, TV Series etc.


Fullstack web applications for sharing memes. Feel free to call it 'Instagram for Memes'


A web-based version for Flixx app. Made using React and TMDb. One of my very first projects.

Image Resizer API

On-the-Fly Image Resizer built using the Spring Framework.

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Please check out rest of the projects on Github. Thanks for visiting.