## About Me ##


Hey there! You are welcome to the most weird area of my website. I have no idea what to write about myself. But I will give it a try anyways.

So, I am Abdus. I am a developer living in north-eastern part of India. I work for a Fittech start-up called Level.

I am skilled at building websites, managing servers, playing with cloud stuffs and of course Linux. For a list of technical skills I’ve got, please visit this page.

Apart from programming, I do…well, nothing. Sometime, I play PC games.

Contact Info

I am always reachable via Email abdus[at]abdus[dot]net. If you are in LinkedIn, feel free to connect. Also, you can send me encrypted messages using my GPG key.

That’s all about me! I will keep this page updated incase any exciting things happens in my life(hopefully).