Why TypeScript

For many of the developers, TypeScript seems like a completely new language. But to me, it is just JavaScript with added type system. In this post, I am going to discuss why we should use TypeScript over plain old JavaScript. Type System Let me lead the post with TypeScript’s awesome typing-system. In plain JavaScript, there are no types. Values are assigned to variables dynamically. When I say a language is dynamic, I essentially mean that we can re-assign variables with different data types.

TypeScript Webpack Setup (with CSS Modules)

It has not been many days since I started to choose TypeScript instead of JavaScript. It’s an interesting language(or a superset, as many of us would like to call) which adds so much awesomeness to Vanilla JavaScript. The most notable feature it adds to JavaScript is the TypeSafe programming. Type-safe programming simply means that a programmer is less likely to write code which would produce a type-error. Type safety is the core feature of a Statically typed language.