Hire Me

I am available for work Feel free to send me a mail at abdus@abdus.net. You can find an online copy of my resume at public.abdus.net.

Relevant Information:

  • Work Experience: 2 Months(as an Intern). Fresher.
  • Overall Coding Experience: I have been writing code since 2017. I used to code even before 2017, but that was not really full-time.
  • Projects: Everything on GitHub
  • LinkedIn: here

Technologies I use:

  • FrontEnd
    • JavaScript - This is my primary computer language. I use it everyday.
    • React - UI framework I like to use.
    • CSS - I am good at it.
    • HTML - A bit better than CSS.
    • Pug.js - JavaScript template engine I prefer to use.
    • Handlebars - Another JavaScript template engine
    • Bootstrap - A FrontEnd developer is incomplete without this awesome library.
  • BackEnd
    • Node.js - Server-Side runtime for JavaScript, and something I heavily rely upon.
    • Express - Preferred backEnd framework
    • Passport - Auth Library
    • SQL - Language that database speaks
  • Database
  • Others
    • Git - Version Control. I have worked with SVN previously
    • GNU/Linux - Don’t ask me to work on Windows or Mac, please. I can consider *BSD for some time :)

If you need anything else, just ask me :)

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