## Portfolio ##

These are the projects I built while learning different languages and tech stacks. For deployment, I mostly use Vercel. Those that require a full-blown server, are hosted on my own server.

Lynx Bar webapp

A website that contains a list of cool webapps. It has functionalities such as Searching etc. Made with Next.js

Dotfiles config

Dotfiles are text-based config files for different software. I maintain my dots so that I don’t have to start from scratch everytime I change/reinstall the OS.

Nginx Pretty Index config

A Beautiful auto-index page for Nginx. It uses XSLT, HTML and CSS to achieve the styles and functionalities.

Webpack TypeScript Starter template

Starter template to easily set-up a new TypeScript project with Webpack. It has built-in support for CSS Modules.

Flixx android

Flixx is an android app which allows user to browse through different movie genre. It fetches information from The Movie Database.

MiniGrep tools

A mini program that copies the functionalities of GNU GREP (minus the RegEx part). I built it while learning Rust.

DogeGram webapp

Love memes? I am sure you will love DogeGram too! DogeGram is like the ‘Instagram for Memes’ (Of-course, you can share memes on Instagram, I just wanted to build something ¯\(ツ)/¯)

Scripts config

Bunch of small scripts that I wrote at past. These scripts help me automate a few repetitive tasks such as publishing to public.abdus.net etc.

Opportunity Calendar webapp

A webapp to lists opportunities available at different organizations and companies. Ideal for students who never want to miss any opportunities.

Ice and Fire webapp

Ice and Fire is a webapp built with Angular 12. I built this project to learn Angular. You can access my Angular notes here.

Focus Time android

A simple Android application to keep you focused. I built this in order to learn and get better at React Native.

Image Resizer webapp

SpringBoot webapp that resizes a given image based on the scale factor. It is capable of resizing images from remote location.

React Chrome Extension template

This template initializes a React project that can be deployed as a Chrome Extension. I built it to demonstrate how React works to a Friend.

Background Gradient Generator webapp

Generates simple Gradients based on two colors. Built it while learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Good ol' days!!

GH Head to Head webapp

Used GitHub’s GraphQL API to learn about querying a GraphQL-based API. I love the way how GraphQL is able to retrieve everything at just one HTTP call.

Ctrl-V webapp

ctrl-v is a service similar to pastebin.com. Built on top of Netlify’s Cloud Lambda Functions, it’s ridiculously easy to deploy your own instance.

Weather App webapp

Mini Webapp to fetch the weather information of the user’s current location. This webapp needs the location permission.

accueil.vim webapp

Accueil is a French phrase for Home. This is my first Vim plug-in written in VimScript. It does not do much tho, just a few text formatting.

React DropDown library

A React library to add DropDown menu in web-applications. It creates a drop-down component (that can be customized) based on a given Array of Values.

Issue Tracker webapp

I intended to build a bug-tracker for software projects. Built using Node, EJS and MongoDB.

Photo Editor webapp

Had fun with filter property of CSS. Supported operations are Blur, Brightness, Contrast etc. This can export the edited image.

Pixel Art Maker webapp

This project is a part of Google-India Front-end Scholarship. User can create images by coloring small boxes.

LinkClick tools

A chrome extension which will enable you to reach your favorite website quickly. This is the first project I built after learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript <3

GoldenFalcon tools

GoldenFalcon is a Command-line application that can be used to send emails. Under the hood, it uses Nodemailer to deliver the emails.

InspiroTab tools

A Google Chrome extension to replace your default Google Chrome tab and greet you with a awesome wallpaper and a cool quote.