## What I use ##

This page is inspired by The /Uses Project. These are the things I use on a daily basis, and I think they deserve a mention on my website.


Asus TUF 505dt (24 Gigs Memory, Ryzan 5, Nvidia 1650 4 Gigs, 1 TB NVMe). Keyboards: Zebronics Max (Blue Switches), Ant Esports MK1200 (Brown Switches).


Vim is my preferred code editor. I use the Catppuccin colorscheme. I use Alacritty with ZSh. Here is my dotfiles repository.


Google Pixel 4a. Earlier, Vivo V5. Nothing Ear 1.


Git for source code management. Mailspring/Neomutt for Email. Firefox as the default browser (Brave Browser on phone).


Zoho hosts my email. I deploy apps on Vercel. For CI/CD, GitHub. My servers are from Hetzner. Porkbun for domains.