React Native Notes

Why web-view is bad? Less performent compared to native and native-like technologies Does not follow OS’s UI design pattern. Same design in both android and iOS Why React Native Big community. Makes development process easier as support can be expected from community when stuck Battle-tested framework. Used by companies like Facebook, Uber Eats, Discord, Skype. And invested by Shopify, Microsoft (despite having Xamarin) etc Cross-Platform. Write code once, and run it in three platform (Android, Web and iOS) React Native can’t beat Native App’s performence To understand this, we first gotta understand how React Native works internally.

Generator Functions in JavaScript (with real-world examples)

Before I start writing anything, here’s a discloser: I knew about generator functions since a long time, but did not really had a chance to use them. In this blogpost, I will demonstrate implementation of generator functions in real-world scenerios. Generator Function Before we begin, let’s quickly revise what generator functions are. They are a special kind of function which is used to generate an iterator. An Iterator is an Object which implements the Iterator Protocol.

Terminating DOM Operations at will: 'AbortController' in JavaScript

Intro AbortController is an interface which provides a way for terminating one or more web request as and when desired. This generally means that a request can be terminated by a user whenever needed, irrespective of whether the operation is finished or not. AbortSignal can be implemented in any web platform API which uses Promise. The API AbortController provides a few things for users to implement it effectively in code. At the time of writing this, the constructor would return an instance which contains a method AbortController.