Finding Duplicate Files in Linux - The Hard Way

Duplicate files, in Layman’s term, are the files which are exactly a copy of one another. For example, if we have two files biz A and B; A would be a duplicate of B if it has the same content as file B. Duplicates are generally unavoidable. No matter what you do, you would always end up getting a few of them. Going through the whole file system and finding them one by one is a tedious job.

Recording Shell Output the Right Way

TL,DR; go and install asciinema from and start recording your terminal sessions. We, the terminal geeks often need to record our shell in-order to explain something to our geek friends; or even just to showcase a new CLI tool we built yesterday night. Recording Screen … Sucks! Yes, it sucks. Why? couple of good reasons: if you have a device with low screen resolution, record output would often get pixelated there might be other distractions on screen.

Fixing PIP Issue in Arch Linux

Recently, I was upgrading Arch Linux on my laptop. And I encountered something unusual with pip and its libraries. Everything related to pip(and pip itself) can not be upgraded in anyways! The problem wasn’t new to me. I knew what I am doing wrong. I was using pip to install package on system-level. So, obviously, pacman was not owning it. So, the easiest solution for me was to delete files that are not owned by pacman and blocking the upgrade process.